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Values Map: Navigating Life’s Terrain

Understanding your core beliefs and values is not just an exercise in self-discovery; it’s a necessity. Values Map serves as your compass through the maze of life’s choices.

Psychological Foundations

In psychology, our values are deeply rooted in our beliefs and experiences. They are the substrate upon which you can build your Priority Pyramids and conduct a useful Decision Detox.

Social Conditioning and Values

Sociologically, our Values Map is often influenced by societal norms and expectations. It’s where Boundary Integrity comes into play, helping us navigate between societal demands and personal beliefs.

Values and Virtue Ethics

From a philosophical perspective, developing a Values Map aligns with the principles of virtue ethics, where character and integrity take precedence over rule-based morality. It’s the backbone of Intentional Kindness.

Mapping Your Values

Start by identifying what truly matters to you. Remove societal pressure and expectations from the equation through Fear Filtering. Then, align these values with your actions and decisions.

Daily Change Summary

A Values Map is your internal compass in a world filled with external noise. By understanding your core values through psychological, sociological, and philosophical lenses, you’re better equipped to navigate life’s complexities. This concept fits seamlessly with other terms in the Dictionary of Daily Change.

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