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The Code of the Extraordinary Mind: 10 Unconventional Laws to Redefine Your Life and Succeed on Your Own Terms by Vishen Lakhiani.

This book is a guide to rewriting our own mental codes. Lakhiani introduces the reader to a host of innovative concepts aimed at fostering personal growth, breaking societal norms, and achieving success on our own terms.

The 10 Unconventional Laws

Lakhiani presents ten unconventional laws that can help us change the way we view the world, which in turn can redefine our lives.

  1. Transcend the Culturescape: Question the norms, rules, and beliefs that society imposes on us, referred to as the ‘culturescape.’
  2. Question the Brules: Identify and challenge the ‘Bullshit Rules’ (Brules) that we follow subconsciously due to societal conditioning.
  3. Practice Consciousness Engineering: Adjust and re-engineer our systems of beliefs and habits to promote growth.
  4. Reject the Means Goals and Embrace the Ends Goals: Differentiate between means goals (societal expectations) and end goals (true desires) and focus on the latter.
  5. Upgrade Your Systems for Living: Discard old, unhelpful systems and design better ones.
  6. Live in Blissipline: Prioritise happiness and cultivate a state of bliss through daily discipline.
  7. Follow Your Quest: Discover your life’s mission or ‘quest’ and work towards it.
  8. Evolve Through Bending Reality: Believe in a vision for the future while maintaining happiness in the present.
  9. Be Unfuckwithable: Reach a state where you’re immune to criticism and the fear of failure.
  10. Embrace Your Quest: Practice love towards yourself and others while staying true to your quest.


“The Code of the Extraordinary Mind” offers an alternative perspective to conventional paths towards success. Lakhiani emphasises the importance of questioning societal norms, chasing our true desires, and prioritising personal happiness. The book urges readers to take control of their lives, defy societal expectations, and create their own paths towards success.

Daily Change Summary

The Code of the Extraordinary Mind provides a blueprint for readers to redefine their lives and achieve success on their terms. It challenges societal norms, promotes personal growth, and emphasizes the importance of pursuing our true desires. As your daily change takeaway, consider one ‘brule’ you’ve been following subconsciously. Question its validity, understand its impact on your life, and if it doesn’t serve you, it might be time to say goodbye to it. Your success, after all, should be on your terms.

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