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Poetic Inspiration

Welcome to Daily Change Poetry, a platform where words flow freely and creativity knows no bounds. This is a place where we celebrate the power of language, and the ways in which poetry can inspire and transform us. Whether you’re a seasoned poet or new to the craft, we invite you to share your own writing or browse the work of others. Poetry has the ability to capture the essence of the human experience in a way that few other art forms can, and we believe that by sharing our words with one another, we can build a stronger, more connected community. So come, immerse yourself in the power of language and human expression, and let’s create some inspiration for change.

Featured Guest Poetry

Can a Poem Change Your Life?

Poetry has the power to inspire, comfort, and provoke thought. But can a poem truly change your life? The answer may lie in the profound impact that certain poems have had on countless individuals. Desiderata by Max Ehrmann and “If” by Rudyard Kipling are two such examples that have transformed

What is love? I want love!

I want to experience love At-least once in my lifetime. I’ve hurt myself a lot wanting to find love. I called it my cycle of breaking and making I cried for every single one of them. And proudly said- They made me ‘Rocky’. I’m tired of my games; I thought

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Bricks, Balloons and Post it Notes

Bricks of fear and doubt,Heavy on my shoulders,Dragging me down,Holding me back. But with each brick,I learn a lesson,From others who’ve walked the path,And shared their struggles. The brick of insecurity,Teaches me to believe in myself,And to trust in my abilities,To reach for my dreams. The brick of self-doubt,Reminds me

A Poetic Transformation

Transcending Words In a world where words may fail,Art emerges, a vessel to sail,Through tempest storms of emotion,A balm, a solace, a healing potion. From innocent depths of the human soul,A journey unfolds of stories untold,Transforming thoughts, the masterpiece,A solace found, our pain released. Emotional awareness & the journey begins,Regulation

The Frozen Ferret

When problems pile up,and solutions seem fewIt’s easy to freeze,like a ferret it’s true But fear not, my friend,for there is a wayTo thaw your brainand start moving today First, take a deep breathand let out a sighThen make a list of the problemsthat make your brain fry Next, pick

Fixing Butterflies

With hammer in hand, I set to workTo fix the broken butterflyBut as I pounded, I couldn’t help but thinkIs there a better way to try? For though the hammer may seem strongAnd quickly fix the wing-ged oneIt’s not the tool for every jobAnd for some, it’s just plain wrong

The Ballad of A Reading Club

Based on The Ballad of Reading Gaol by Oscar Wilde He did not wear his steel toe capsTo kick in someone’s headSo kickers he wore on his feetTo dance in the club insteadTo pull a woman, find a f*ckAnd get her back to bed He danced among the twisted youthIn

Introspection’s Grace

In realms of thought where shadows trace, Reflection’s art we must embrace, To understand our present state, And future paths we navigate. Our past, a canvas rich and vast, Of memories and moments passed, Shapes who we are and what we know, Through introspection’s steady flow. We recognise how we

Mental Mirrors

In childhood mirrors of our minds, we reflect on others’ lives,For as we judge their every breath, our own heartache thrives. But within this mirrored realm, a truth to come to see,The way we view our outer world, reflects our inner plea. With tender hearts and open minds, compassion we

About Writing and Getting Creative

Why Bother Writing Poetry and How to Improve?

Writing is a powerful tool for self-expression, creativity, and personal growth. Whether you write prose or poetry, journal entries or short stories, engaging in the act of writing can have a profound impact on your mental health and well-being. Writing allows us to explore our thoughts and emotions, to process