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Finding the Right Inspiration

Change can happen quickly when we find new perspectives and ideas that can be applied to our lives.

Exploring podcasts gives you immediate access to such ideas if you find the podcasts that suit you.

As we develop this page we will add more recommended podcasts as well as make our own

A Few Podcasts to Get You Started

As mentioned in our first podcast, Dr John Demartini has some excellent episodes on a large variety of topics.
Kerwin Rae also examines life in a very helpful way and interviews many guests that have gone through adversity to achieve great success.
Jordan Peterson has some extremely interesting content that again can really stir the mind into new ways of thinking
Zig Ziglar is quoted as a great influence on many people that have achieved success and having listened to some of his podcasts I can see why.
Mathew Hussey concentrates on relationships and gives some excellent insights
So why should you spend your time listening to podcasts? Well of course you don’t need to, but it would seem a shame not to try something that could be a healthy inspiring habit.
Find the things that interest you and you will be surprised how listening to high quality discussion may improve the way you choose to live.

Links to explore