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8: Wrap-Up: Post-Course Reflection and Next Steps

Congratulations on reaching the end of this course. You’ve put in a significant amount of time, effort, and emotional work, and for that, you should be extremely proud. Throughout the past week, we have explored the complex emotion of shame, how it forms, and its potential impacts on your life. We’ve delved into the origins […]

7: Envisioning a Shame-Free Future

Welcome to the final section of our course. Over the past week, you have delved deep into understanding shame, its triggers, and its effects. You’ve learned coping strategies, explored resilience-building techniques, and reflected on your personal experiences. As we wrap up this course, it’s important to discuss how to maintain the resilience you’ve started to […]

6: Building Shame Resilience

Welcome to Section 6 of our course. Today, we’ll focus on building resilience against shame. Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity or stress. It involves enduring difficult experiences and bouncing back from them. When it comes to shame, resilience allows us to experience the feeling, acknowledge it, and then […]

5: Techniques for Overcoming Shame

Welcome to Section 5 of our course. Now that you have identified your personal triggers for shame, it’s time to learn how to cope with these triggers in a healthy and effective manner. Coping strategies are specific techniques that help us manage and navigate difficult emotions or situations. These strategies may be cognitive, such as […]

4: Identifying Shame Triggers

Welcome to Section 4 of our course. Today, we are going to explore the concept of personal triggers. A trigger is anything that evokes an emotional response, particularly relating to a past experience. When it comes to shame, understanding your triggers is vital, as it can help you navigate situations that might otherwise provoke feelings […]

3: Shame in Adulthood

Shame experienced in childhood often extends into adulthood, shaping our self-concept and the way we navigate the world around us. Unresolved childhood shame can significantly affect our relationships, self-esteem, and overall mental health. In relationships, it can lead to fear of intimacy or vulnerability, as one may fear that revealing their ‘true self’ will lead […]

2: Shame in Childhood

Welcome to the second section of our course. Today, we will explore how shame develops in childhood. Childhood is a crucial phase when it comes to the development of our emotional landscape, and shame is no exception. The seeds of this emotion can often be traced back to our earliest years. In this formative period, […]

1: Understanding Shame

Welcome to the first section of our course, “Overcoming Shame: A Journey From Childhood to Adulthood.” In this section, we will dive deep into understanding the concept of shame. Shame is a powerful and universal human emotion. It can be defined as the intensely painful feeling or experience of believing we are flawed and therefore […]