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Day 3 – Dr John Demartini – From Stress To Success

In the podcast episode “From Stress to Success,” Dr. John Demartini, a world-renowned human behavior expert, delves deep into the concepts of stress, success, and the fascinating connection between the two. Dr. Demartini first dissects the nature of stress, explaining it as a response to perceived challenges or threats. He argues that stress, rather than […]

Day 2 – Dr John Demartini – Accessing Your 7 Greatest Powers

In the podcast episode titled “Dr John Demartini – Accessing Your 7 Greatest Powers,” Dr. Demartini, a renowned human behavioral expert, dives into the discussion of the seven powers that everyone possesses: the power of the mind, love, productivity, perception, command, magnetism, and gratitude. Dr. Demartini starts by focusing on the power of the mind, […]

Day 1 – Dr John Demartini – How to Have an Amazing Life

Dr. John Demartini’s podcast, “You Can Have An Amazing Life,” is an incredibly valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their life and achieve greater fulfillment. As a renowned author, speaker, and human behavior expert, Dr. Demartini has spent decades studying the science of personal growth and transformation, and his insights and teachings are both […]