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3 Ways to Keep Warm For Less This Winter

1. Mini Heaters

If you’re short on cash and feeling the chill this winter consider heating where you are and not the whole house!

For my home (with no central heating) I bought the compact Pro Breeze 500W ceramic heater and it’s been amazing, so I bought 3 more. 

Heat your Personal Space

Shifting mindsets to heat personal space rather than a whole room or house can be a game changer. Warm clothes help, but sitting in the freezing cold just isn’t fun and neither are huge electric bills.

Cheaper Heating

With UK electric at about 30p a kwh these heaters work for around 15p an hour vs a whopping 60p an hour for  larger 2kw heaters. Obviously they give out less heat, but their compact size, safety cut off features and ceramic elements make them great for close useage, putting under desks, on coffee or bedside tables.

Our Mini Heater Recommendations

2. Heated Clothing

Imagine if your warmth was not bound to your living room but instead could travel with you.

Heated clothing items, such as jackets, gloves, and socks, contain elements that provide a direct source of warmth to your body. This wearable comfort ensures that you stay toasty even when on the move, providing a consistent, economic heat source without the need to heat an entire room or home.

Please note for these you will also need to buy a power bank as shown below (also great for recharging your phone!)

Our Heated Clothing Favourites.

3. Thermal Wear

For those who find heated clothing a too techy entwined for comfort, thermal wear emerges as a splendid alternative, and its beauty lies in its simplicity and efficacy. Thermal clothing is engineered to trap your body’s natural heat, utilising special fibres and fabrics to create an insulation layer that retains warmth close to your skin. This enables a consistently warm environment within the garment, negating the need for external heat sources and thereby providing a gentle, non-invasive warmth throughout wear.

So how are you keeping warm this winter?


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