Module 8: Transitioning from Street to Studio

8.1: Adapting Street Techniques for Studio Art

  • Understanding the differences between creating art for public spaces vs. private display.
  • Learning how to adapt street art techniques for smaller, indoor formats.
  • Activity: Creating a small-scale piece using street art techniques.

8.2: Materials and Tools for Studio Art

  • An overview of materials and tools needed for creating studio art.
  • Understanding how to select the right materials based on your artistic vision.
  • Hands-on activity: Experimenting with various art materials and tools.

8.3: From Idea to Finished Piece: Planning and Executing Your Artwork

  • Learning how to plan and execute an artwork from start to finish.
  • Understanding the importance of sketches, drafts, and revisions in the artistic process.
  • Activity: Developing an art piece from concept to completion.

8.4: Preparing Your Artwork for Display or Sale

  • Understanding how to properly finish and present your artwork for display or sale.
  • Learning about pricing, exhibiting, and selling your art.
  • Guest speaker: Insight from a professional artist or gallerist.

8.5: Hands-on: Create Your Final Art Piece for Display or Sale

  • Implementing everything learned to create a final artwork for display or sale.
  • Sharing your final piece with the course community and receiving feedback.
  • Reflecting on your artistic journey and celebrating your achievements.