Module 6: Mastering Lettering Styles and Character Design

6.1: Lettering Styles in Street Art: From Throw-ups to Wildstyles

  • Introduction to the various lettering styles seen in street art.
  • Studying the unique characteristics of Throw-ups, Wildstyles, and more.
  • Activity: Experimenting with different street art lettering styles.

6.2: Character Design and Its Role in Street Art

  • Understanding the importance of character design in street art.
  • Exploring examples of iconic characters in street art and their creators.
  • Activity: Sketching a basic character design.

6.3: From Sketch to Final Design: A Process of Character Creation

  • Learning the process of refining a character sketch into a final design.
  • Tips for making your character designs expressive and unique.
  • Activity: Refining your sketched character into a completed design.

6.4: Hands-on: Develop Your Own Lettering Style

  • Implementing your knowledge of lettering styles to develop your own.
  • Incorporating your unique style into a word or phrase.
  • Sharing your style with the course community and receiving feedback.

6.5: Hands-on: Create Your Own Street Art Character

  • Using the skills learned to create a unique street art character.
  • Implementing the character into a complete artwork.
  • Discussing your character’s story and its reflection in your artwork.