Module 5: Exploring Stenciling

5.1: History and Styles of Stenciling

  • An overview of the historical context of stenciling as an art form.
  • Studying the various styles of stenciling seen in different art movements.
  • Exploring the influence of stenciling in street art.

5.2: The Power of Repetition: Learning to Create Stencils

  • Introduction to the creation of stencil patterns.
  • Understanding the visual impact of repetition in art.
  • Activity: Creating your own simple stencil design.

5.3: Techniques for Effective Stencil Use

  • Learning how to properly use stencils in your artwork.
  • Discovering different effects achievable with stenciling.
  • Activity: Practicing stenciling techniques with your stencil design.

5.4: Stenciling with Mixed Media

  • Integrating stenciling techniques within mixed media projects.
  • Demonstrations on how to combine stencils with other mediums effectively.
  • Activity: Creating a mixed media artwork with integrated stencil designs.

5.5: Hands-on: Create Your Stencil-Based Art Piece

  • Developing a concept for a stencil-based artwork.
  • Implementing the stencil creation and application skills learned.
  • Sharing your stencil-based art piece with the course community for feedback.