Module 4: Developing your Style

4.1: Understanding Personal Style and Themes

  • Identifying what is personal style in art and why it’s important.
  • Discussing how to find and develop your unique art themes.
  • Activity: Brainstorming personal themes and ideas that resonate with you.

4.2: Techniques to Develop a Unique Artistic Style

  • Uncovering various techniques that can help you develop your style.
  • Analyzing how consistency in elements and techniques contributes to a recognizable style.
  • Activity: Creating art pieces using different techniques to discover your preferences.

4.3: Building a Cohesive Portfolio

  • Understanding the importance of a well-curated art portfolio.
  • Learning how to select and arrange works to showcase your style and skills.
  • Activity: Beginning to assemble your own digital art portfolio.

4.4: Personal Branding for Artists

  • Exploring the concept of personal branding for artists.
  • Understanding the elements of a strong artist brand, including logos, color schemes, and voice.
  • Activity: Developing a personal artist branding guide.

4.5: Hands-on: Create an Art Piece Reflecting Your Personal Style

  • Applying what you’ve learned about personal style to create a unique art piece.
  • Receiving constructive feedback from instructors and peers on your style.
  • Updating your portfolio with your new art piece.