Module 1: Introduction to Street Art

1.1: Defining Street Art

  • Introduction to street art as a form of artistic expression.
  • Differentiating between street art and graffiti.
  • Identifying key characteristics of street art.

1.2: Evolution and Influence of Street Art

  • Tracing the history and growth of street art globally.
  • Exploring famous street artists and their impact on the art world.
  • Studying examples of how street art has influenced modern art and culture.

1.3: Street Art Vs. Modern Creative Expressionism

  • Understanding the principles of modern creative expressionism.
  • Drawing parallels between street art and modern creative expressionism.
  • Discussing how street art can transition into modern creative expressionism.

1.4: From Streets to Studio: Translating Street Art for Home Display

  • Conceptualizing street art in a home setting.
  • Adapting outdoor techniques for indoor art pieces.
  • Tips and tricks for bringing street art into your living space.

1.5: Potential Career Paths in Street Art

  • The possibilities of a career in street art.
  • An overview of various roles and industries where street art skills are valuable.
  • Guest speakers: Successful artists share their career journey in the world of street art.