Recognising Your Current Financial Blueprint

In this part of our journey, we’ll be doing some introspection to identify and understand your current financial blueprint. What are your beliefs about money? How do you relate to wealth, both yours and others’? Just like Tom, your current financial blueprint is not an accident, but a result of accumulated experiences and lessons.

Your Money Mindset: The Unseen Architect

Each of us carries a mental map or blueprint of our beliefs and ideas about money. This is what we call your money mindset. Your money mindset is built over time, influenced by your upbringing, experiences, and cultural context. It’s this mindset that ultimately dictates your financial behaviours, your decisions about spending, saving, and investing.

Beliefs About Money: Unearthing the Root

As you reflect on your own beliefs about money, you might uncover some beliefs that are limiting your financial growth. Some common ones include: “Money is the root of all evil,” “I’ll never be rich,” or “Money can’t buy happiness.” While some of these may sound wise, they can limit your ability to attract and maintain wealth.

Impact of Your Financial Blueprint

Your financial blueprint doesn’t just influence how you handle money—it can also impact other areas of your life. For example, if you believe that “money is hard to earn,” you may find yourself working excessively, leaving little time for rest, hobbies, or relationships.

Daily Change Summary

Recognising your current financial blueprint is the first step towards transforming it. By understanding the beliefs that govern your financial decisions, you gain the power to challenge and change them. Remember, your financial blueprint isn’t set in stone. With awareness and effort, it can be changed.

Action Points

  • Reflect on your beliefs about money. Write them down and consider their origin.
  • Assess the impact of these beliefs on your current financial situation and broader life.
  • Identify which of these beliefs serve you and which ones limit your financial growth.

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