Module 1: Purpose and benefits of phone photography

Welcome to “Capturing the World: Phone Photography Masterclass”. This module will give you a general overview of the journey you’re about to embark on as we delve into the beautiful and rewarding world of phone photography.

In the digital age, the best camera is often the one you have with you. With smartphones becoming increasingly advanced, phone photography has become a legitimate means of capturing our surroundings. You don’t need a fancy, expensive DSLR to take breath-taking photos. With the right techniques, even your phone can yield stunning images.

During this course, you’re not only going to learn how to take great photos, but also how to see the world around you in a whole new light. You’ll start noticing details, patterns, and compositions that were invisible before, transforming everyday landscapes and nature scenes into extraordinary photographic opportunities.

The skills you’ll acquire aren’t just for Instagram or social media – they’ll enable you to create lasting, tangible memories. Imagine being able to capture a spectacular sunset or a serene lake with such skill that you can print it out and hang it on your wall. Or imagine creating a personal photo book, filled with your own stunning shots.

This course is structured in a manner that eases you into the world of phone photography. We’ll start with the basics, understanding the capabilities of your phone’s camera and the fundamental rules of composition. Gradually, we’ll move into advanced techniques and the use of phone photography apps, such as Snapseed. You’ll learn how to edit your photos to make them truly impactful without overdoing it. Lastly, we’ll talk about sharing your work, either online or in print, and continuously finding inspiration for your next great shot.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Introduction

  • Purpose and benefits of phone photography
  • Capturing memories and creating beauty
  • Overview of course structure

Module 2: The Basics

  • Understanding your phone’s camera: zoom, wide angle, and other features
  • The rule of thirds and other composition rules
  • Identifying a clear subject for your photos

Module 3: Advanced Techniques

  • Discovering and capturing a worthy composition
  • Exploring natural lighting and its effect on landscapes and nature shots
  • Utilising different angles and perspectives for a more dynamic photo

Module 4: Making the Most of Your Environment

  • Best practices for shooting in different weather conditions
  • Timing: the golden hour, blue hour, and more
  • Capturing movement: water, wind, and wildlife

Module 5: Phone Photography Apps

  • An introduction to Snapseed
  • Exploring Snapseed’s capabilities: HDR, selective tool, tune image, and more

Module 6: Editing Your Photos for Impact

  • Enhancing your photos: balancing contrast, brightness, and saturation
  • Using Snapseed’s tools effectively: practical examples and exercises
  • Avoiding over-editing: keeping your photos natural yet striking

Module 7: Mastering Composition

  • Perfecting your shots with crop and rotate tools
  • Developing an eye for balance and harmony in photos
  • Advanced composition techniques: leading lines, framing, symmetry, and more

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Daily Change Main Takeaways

The beautiful thing about photography is that it’s a journey. There’s always something new to learn, a different perspective to try, or a fresh scene to capture. So, let’s embark on this journey together and unlock the power of your phone’s camera. Let’s create something beautiful.