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Conquering ADHD Overwhelm: The Paradox of Avoidance and the Power of Lists

Individuals with ADHD often find themselves in a whirlpool of tasks and responsibilities, leading to a state of overwhelm. Paradoxically, the one strategy that can significantly alleviate this – writing down a list of tasks – is often the one most avoided. This article delves into the psychology behind this avoidance and how overcoming it can lead to a clearer, more focused mind.

The Avoidance Dilemma in ADHD

The overwhelm experienced by individuals with ADHD can create a mental block against organising tasks. The very thought of listing down everything that needs to be done can seem daunting, feeding into a cycle of avoidance. However, this avoidance only compounds the problem, leading to increased anxiety and a feeling of being mentally clogged.

Writing It Down: The First Step to Clarity

  1. Breaking the Overwhelm Cycle: Writing tasks down can initially seem overwhelming, but it’s a crucial first step in breaking the cycle. It externalises what’s in your mind, providing a tangible grasp on what needs to be done.

  2. Starting Small: Begin by jotting down just one or two tasks that are causing the most immediate stress. This small step can be significantly less daunting and can set the momentum for adding more tasks to the list.

  3. The Clarity of Order: Once tasks are down on paper, they can be organised based on priority. This process helps in creating a clear action plan, reducing the fog of overwhelm.

  4. A Tool for Focus: A written list acts as a visual reminder of tasks, helping to maintain focus. It also serves as a guide to return to when distractions arise.

Utilising the Daily Change ‘Make a Difference To-Do List’

  • Download the Tool: Start by downloading the ‘Make a Difference To-Do List’ from Daily Change. This tool is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, specifically catering to the needs of those with ADHD.

  • Personalisation: Customise the list to suit your personal and professional life. Add tasks as they come to mind, without worrying about organising them initially.

  • Prioritisation: Once all tasks are listed, start prioritising. Decide which tasks need immediate attention and which can be scheduled for later.

  • Celebrate the Small Wins: Every task checked off is a victory. Celebrate these small wins as they contribute to a larger sense of accomplishment and control.

  • Regular Review: Make it a habit to review and update the list regularly. This ensures that it remains a relevant and effective tool for managing tasks and reducing overwhelm.


Writing down tasks may seem counterintuitive when feeling overwhelmed, but it’s a powerful strategy for individuals with ADHD. It provides clarity, focus, and a sense of control. By starting small and utilising tools like the Daily Change To-Do List, individuals can slowly but surely conquer the overwhelm, making space for productivity and mental peace.

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