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Clubhouse rooms to help you grow

  1. Click here to join “The Pete Cohen Room” – This is a great room for those looking to improve their life, featuring inspiring speakers and opportunities to connect with others on similar paths.

  2. Click here to join “The Big Therapy Project” – This room is dedicated to discussing mental health and wellness, with experts sharing their knowledge and experiences to help participants improve their well-being.

  3. Click here to join “3 Feet From Possible” – This room is all about overcoming obstacles and achieving your goals, with inspiring stories and practical tips from those who have done it.

  4. Click here to join “Positivity Rocks” – This room is focused on spreading positivity and uplifting messages, with participants sharing their own stories and strategies for staying positive.

  5. Click here to join “Inclusion Matters” – This room is dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, with discussions and insights from experts in the field.

These are just a few of the many great rooms on Clubhouse for personal development, mental health, and inclusion. Be sure to explore and find the ones that best fit your interests and goals.

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