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Humble the Poet: A Heart for Philanthropy

In a world of noise and distractions, finding a voice that resonates with authenticity and wisdom is like discovering a rare gem. One such gem is Kanwer Singh, popularly known as Humble the Poet, who has captivated the hearts and minds of millions with his thought-provoking poetry, music, and motivational content. From Toronto to the […]

Person of the Week: Gary Vaynerchuk, A Beacon of Hustle and Heart

Gary Vaynerchuk, or as he’s commonly known, Gary V, is a celebrated entrepreneur, author, speaker, and internet personality who has inspired countless individuals with his raw energy, relentless hustle, and empathetic heart. He has consistently pushed the boundaries of traditional business practices and provided a wealth of guidance to those aiming for success. Here’s what […]

Dr. Wayne Dyer – Self Love and Beyond

Dr. Wayne Dyer, often hailed as the “father of motivation,” was an internationally renowned author and speaker in the fields of self-development and spiritual growth. Over his lifetime, Dyer penned over 40 books, which have helped countless individuals lead more fulfilling, purpose-driven lives. What makes Dyer’s philosophy so compelling is its simplicity and universal applicability. […]

Russell Brand: The Love, The Hate and Lessons We Can Learn

Russell Brand, the multifaceted English comedian, actor, and author, has been a prominent figure in the public eye for the better part of the last two decades. Known for his flamboyant personality and rapid-fire wit, Brand has cultivated a significant following, but not without generating a fair amount of controversy. The Love for Russell Brand […]

Mel Robbins: Champion of the 5-Second Rule

Best-selling author, motivational speaker, and leading expert on behaviour change: Mel Robbins is a powerhouse in the realm of personal development. Her influence spans globally, reaching millions through her TED talks, books, and online platforms. With her remarkable 5-Second Rule, she’s provided a simple yet transformative tool for taking action and harnessing the power within. […]

The Inner Beauty of Mr Rogers: A Gentle Soul in a Hurried World

Authenticity: The True Beauty Within Fred Rogers once said, “The greatest gift you ever give is your honest self.” This sentiment encapsulates how he lived his life and how he embodied the idea of inner beauty. As the beloved host of the children’s TV show, “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” Fred Rogers devoted his life to teaching […]

Martin Seligman – Positive Psychology

Embracing Positive Psychology: The Impact of Martin Seligman Martin Seligman, an esteemed psychologist, is often credited as the father of positive psychology. His ground-breaking work has redefined our understanding of human potential and happiness, redirecting psychological studies from a focus on pathology to an emphasis on flourishing and wellbeing. Seligman’s insights provide invaluable lessons for […]

Unleashing the Power within with Tony Robbins

Renowned for his inspiring seminars, groundbreaking books, and life-altering coaching, Tony Robbins has empowered millions around the globe to create meaningful change in their lives. He’s a luminary in the field of self-development, with a distinct ability to catalyse transformational growth in individuals and organizations. This week on Daily Change, we delve into the life […]

Marcus Aurelius

 A Guiding Light for Personal Growth and Transformation Marcus Aurelius, a Roman emperor from 161 to 180 AD, is widely regarded as one of history’s greatest philosophers. His writings, collected in the acclaimed work “Meditations,” offer timeless insights into stoic philosophy and the pursuit of personal growth. Through his teachings, Marcus Aurelius imparts valuable wisdom […]

Derren Brown

Derren Brown, the renowned British illusionist, mentalist, and author, has astounded audiences for years with his breathtaking performances and demonstrations. Brown’s work extends far beyond mere entertainment; he offers fascinating insights into the power and potential of the human mind. His explorations into psychology, persuasion, and cognitive manipulation make us question our understanding of reality […]

Simon Sinek – Unleashing the Power of ‘Why’

In the realm of motivational speakers and inspirational figures, few have made as profound an impact as Simon Sinek. Best known for popularising the concept of ‘Why’, Sinek’s teachings centre around the belief that understanding our purpose—our ‘Why’—is the key to achieving true fulfilment and success. But how can we apply these insights to our […]

Patti Dobrowolski – Empowering Individuals to Embrace Their Vision

In our quest for personal growth, accountability and achievement, having someone who guides us and empowers us to embrace our vision is invaluable. Patti Dobrowolski is an exceptional individual who has dedicated her life to helping people unlock their potential, clarify their goals, and make their dreams a reality. As our Person of the Week, […]

Person of the Week: Unveiling the Impact of Kerwin Rae

Kerwin Rae is a world-renowned performance strategist, entrepreneur, and international speaker. A survivor of multiple adversities, Rae’s life story is a testament to his philosophy of resilience, personal growth, and continual learning. He has devoted his career to helping individuals and businesses break through their limitations and reach their full potential. Background and Philosophy From […]

Dr John Demartini

Dr. John Demartini is a world-renowned human behavior expert, researcher, author, and speaker. He is a specialist in personal and professional development and has been sharing his insights with people around the globe for more than 40 years. Demartini has authored over 40 books and has given thousands of presentations worldwide. He is also the […]