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Not Finding Your Tribe: The Quest for Belonging

The quest for a “tribe”—a community of like-minded individuals—has been hardwired into human psychology since our earliest days. Yet for some, the elusive sense of belonging remains just out of reach. Let’s explore why you might not have found your tribe yet, and what actionable steps can be taken. Psychological Barriers: Fear and Insecurity One […]

The Daily Change Autism Skills Mapper Quiz

This quiz is not merely about identification or labels; it’s a tool for introspection. By acknowledging our strengths and recognising the areas where we might benefit from  extra support or understanding, we can unlock a deeper sense of self-awareness and connection with ourselves and others. This 40 question quiz provides an overal score and provides […]

Can Autism Be Cured? Unpacking the Reality with Positivity

A Journey into Understanding Autism The question, “Can autism be cured?” frequently arises in discussions, forums, and among concerned parents and individuals. At the heart of this inquiry lies a deeper quest for understanding the very nature of autism and what it means for those diagnosed with it. Autism: A Different Neurological Wiring Autism, or […]

Turning the Tides on Autistic Burnout

In the vast spectrum of human experiences, the challenges faced by autistic individuals often remain misunderstood or overshadowed. One such challenge is autistic burnout — a term coined within the community to capture the unique fatigue and stress that many autistic people experience. It’s crucial to not only understand its intricacies but to also equip […]

Empowering Autistic Learners: 12 Practical Approaches

Children with autism perceive and interact with the world in unique ways. Their journey of learning although often marked by challenges, holds immense potential. With just a few alterations to conventional methods, both parents and educators can pave a smoother, more enriching path. Here are twelve practical strategies designed to nurture and support an autistic […]

Understanding Overwhelm and Mental Blocks

Desk with Burnout written on it.

Overwhelm and mental blocks are common experiences in today’s fast-paced world, but they can be difficult to define. Overwhelm is a feeling of being completely consumed by a situation or task, while mental blocks refer to an inability to concentrate or generate new ideas. Both can lead to feelings of frustration, anxiety, and even physical […]