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Background to Daily Change

Many people will never access a psychologist and having worked with children in residential care and behavioural support units I am aware of the impact this can have.

What if some of the invaluable lessons of psychology could be presented in a digestable format, to those who might never have the opportunity to attend therapy or delve into an academic paper? These articles could also lead back to the relevent services for those that are able to access them.

The Vision Behind Daily Change

This Project stems from an acute awareness of the vast gap between quality mental health resources and individuals who can’t afford regular therapy and who don’t access the ideas that might inspire and help them. It’s not about replacing traditional therapeutic services; it’s about supplementing them. It’s about offering a “mental diet” improvement, bit by bit, day by day.

How Psychologists Can Catalyse This Movement

  1. A Content Creation and presentations Hub: Your research, knowledge and insights, s can illuminate countless minds. By sharing such knowledge on Daily Change, we’re not only educating the masses but also showcasing your expertise to a wider audience.
  2. Article Recommendations: A mere topic suggestion from an expert can lead to profound insights when explored further. Your expertise in choosing relevant topics can guide our content creators in the right direction.
  3. Collaborative Ventures: By presenting high quality resources from distinct experts Daily Change aims to create a hub of excellence where the whole becomes far greater than the sum of it’s parts.
  4. Feedback Mechanism: The dynamic nature of the platform means it’s continually evolving. Your feedback will be the rudder steering its growth in the right direction.

The Mutual Benefits

  1. Enhanced Reach: In this digital age, being visible to a global audience is paramount. Your contributions can amplify your professional recognition and credibility.
  2. Resource Creation and Inspiration
    As we specialise in resource creation from articles, to courses, to podcasts and videos we can help you create and test your resources and give them the exposure they deserve.
  3. Referrals: While the primary goal is disseminating knowledge, the platform can also act as a nexus between those seeking in-depth professional guidance and esteemed psychologists like yourself.
  4. Shared Growth: As the Daily Change Project flourishes, so does your influence within our community and beyond. It’s a platform for mutual evolution.

Furthermore, this project stretches beyond articles. With ventures into the podcasting realm, digital advisory, and e-learning modules, we’re creating a comprehensive digital ecosystem pivoted around mental well-being.

A Clarion Call to Psychologists

If the vision resonates with you, consider this an invitation to collaborate, to create, and to change the landscape of accessible psychological knowledge. The Daily Change Project is not just a platform; it’s a movement. A movement you can shape, lead, and benefit from.

Join us in this innovative movement and let’s create a platform that brings positive and practical psychology to the people.

Podcast Interview With The Founder of Daily Change Clive Wilson

The Big Therapy Project – Clubhouse Episodes Run by Daily Change

  1. Should we create free therapy for all and how?
  2. Stories of challenge, change and things that inspire you.
  3. Is worry needed to create positive change?
  4. Celebrating change, progress and getting unstuck.
  5. Boosting bounce back ability. Can failure improve success?
  6. Avoiding or Seeking Epiphanies? (why change can be hard)
  7. Can We Rewire Our Reactions?
  8. Chatting for Change
  9. Is blame functional and do we use it well?
  10. Is clubhouse therapeutic and how?
  11. Why the Resistance to Positive Change?
  12. Reflecting On Reactivity. Taking Control Of Our Reactions.
  13. Things, thoughts and actions that positively boost your life
  14. Happiness – Solution focused vs problem focused living.
  15. Exploring Peace & Radicle Acceptance
  16. Creating Success. Solving the Problems Behind the Problems
  17. Improving how we talk to ourselves for happiness & success
  18. Breaking repeating patterns & falling in love with your soul
  19. Overcoming the blocks we don’t see.
  20. Success From Struggles (share your wins and understanding)
  21. Bricks, Balloons & Post It Notes. Changing how we react
  22. Exploring The Pendulum of Positivity. Perfecting Your Swing
  23. Creating a Life You Don’t Need a Break From.
  24. Creating & rewriting stories for positive Change
  25. What’s going to help you today or next week?
  26. Understanding you, to be understood by others.
  27. How can you realise there is more love in your life?
  28. Little insights. How snow helps us stop & play.
  29. Shifting Mindsets – What are you changing and how?
  30. How can we recognise, appreciate and use our gifts?
  31. Turning off autopilot. How do we choose what we do?
  32. Half Arsing It
  33. Asking high quality questions for a better life.
  34. Your Vision vs Pressures and Expectations – Finding Balance
  35. Ai ‘vs Hi to Improve Our Lives?
  36. Making Changes